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April 09, 2021

Are you preparing to launch your online business and looking for an efficient way to keep track of all your business activities? Well, paper planners can help you a lot in this regard. Through them, you can easily track all your business appointments, ideas, tasks, and much more. But there are lots of planners in the market. So, which is the best planner for online businesses?

The Dare Planner is the best paper planner for running online businesses. The design of this planner is simple and is packed with many features that you won’t be able to find in any other paper planner available in the market. This planner is perfect for anyone who is trying to launch their online business successfully.

But this is just an overview of what makes Dare Planner the best paper planner in the market. You might have a lot of questions in your mind about this planner. This is why I have explained what makes it the best and who it is suitable in this article.



Starting an online business is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, patience, and planning to keep a business afloat and thrive. And there are certain things that you are required to know about online businesses before you launch your own. These are discussed down below:

  • Try to Fully Understand the Market and Focus on Potential Customers

The first thing that is critical for any business is to fully understand the market and the potential customers. This is a must if you want to become successful with your online business.

Study the market and the buying habit of your potential customers. Keep a close eye on your business competitors. Monitor how they are conducting business, how they are handling their customers, and check their customer feedback on social media.

  • Understand Your Skillset, Strength, and Available Time

You need to have a better understanding of the things you excel in and your limitations. When you are running an online business, you will not be able to handle all the business activities on your own.

You will have to work with different professionals like accountants, lawyers, market analysts, etc. who will assist you with your business. And knowing your strengths and weaknesses will make things easier for you to run your business efficiently.

  • Write a Business Plan

Whenever you decide to start a business, you will need to plan it carefully. As a new business owner, it is very easy to spend every resource on unnecessary things that you have at your disposal. And the outcome might not be beneficial to your business.

This is why it is very important to make a business plan. It will allow you to identify the problems with your business ideas and the things you will need to do to solve them. And there is nothing better than a planner to write your business plans.

Planners will help you to keep track of your goals and business schedules. And as a result, you will be able to complete the tasks that are beneficial for your business. When you are starting an online business, planners will act as your sidekick and help you to boost your productivity,

  • Start Small and Grow

If you are new and have no prior experience with any sort of business, starting your online business in a smaller magnitude might be good for you. This will allow you to gather some experience before you start your business in full swing.

  • Be Passionate of What You Are Trying to Achieve

Launching and maintaining a business is not a piece of cake. You have to be passionate about your business. If you are not obsessed with it, your business life will become much harder.

Always remember what you are trying to achieve and let it fuel your passion for success.



When you are starting an online business, planners are your best friend. They act like your sidekick who can make managing your business much easier for you. Having a planner will ensure you are keeping track of every aspect of your business in the most efficient way possible which is a must for any successful business owner.

That is why I went my way to find the best personal business planner for you to use for your online business. Especially if you are a start-up entrepreneur. And that is the Dare Planner.

In this section, I’ve discussed what the Dare planner is, what it offers and why I’ve chosen it as the best. So, let’s have a look at it, shall we?

The Dare Planner

The Dare planner is a paper planner that emphasizes simplicity. The design is very simple and not that complicated to use. The first page of this planner contains some suggestions from the creator of the Dare Planner on how to use it correctly to launch a successful online business.

The "Goals" section comes after the introduction portion of this business planner. Here you can write down five business goals that you want to achieve. You can set your goals on a quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis. You can also set your own timeline while writing down your goals on the planner.

After the “Goals” section comes the “Goals Breakdown” portion of the planner. The Dare Planner contains individual goal breakdown pages for each goal. That means that there is plenty of space in the planner to write all the information that is necessary to achieve your goals.

This planner encourages entrepreneurs to make plans daily. One of the best parts of this planner is that it contains an individual page for each day of the week. As a result, it might appear a bit bulky but its design is simple and easy to use.  Not to mention that all the pages are un-dated. That means you can start your planner at any time of the year.

But this is not all. It also contains the "Weekly Summary" section where you can write down your weekly plans and how satisfied you were with your performance in that week. And as an entrepreneur, you can just take a glance at the planner and find out where you are lacking in the business and how you can manage your time more efficiently.

This planner also comes with a quarterly goal setting page, budget, and financial worksheets. It also includes motivational quotes, a dedicated idea section, and a calendar, which is a nice addition to the planner.

To summarize, this is a business launch planner filled with useful features that make it perfect for start-up entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their business. It can help you to explore all your ideas before launching an online business. This makes it the best planner for entrepreneurs who are filled with creative business ideas.



When it comes to selecting the best planner for your business, the ultimate choice depends on the entrepreneur. The attitude, taste, mentality varies from person to person. So, picking a single paper planner will not meet everyone’s expectations.

However, the Dare Planner contains all the features that a traditional paper planner contains and much more. This is why I’ve nominated it as the best planner for online businesses. And if you’ve gone through the entire article, you must’ve already understood the reasons behind it. Thank you for having the patience to go through the entire article. Have a nice day!